Web developers can now acquire local webcam images with the CamCanvas API in client side. This requires the deployment of a small SWF ( flash ) binary but all the controls are called from JavaScript. The flash component is also part of the project and it is compiled with Mtasc. The resulting image ( taken from the cam ) is transfered to the canvas tag so other filter and effects operations can be performed. The initial code is available with samples that works in Firefox. The motivation to write this simple API came after I saw the many Tristan-based canvas demonstrations using a photo pictures. Also launched an end-user sort of demo with an application case for it – RemixPic.


Noticed a few of the early #ff35 shockers in Brazil changed their twitter icons. This can be also insteresting for Facebook in US and other locations like Orkut. I saved one icon here..

Felipe Gomes presented his first Mozilla talk at FISL last year ( making of video ). Not much heard at the time as Felipe but known as Feijao at ICMC / USP.  Feijao first wrote a Firefox extension to count the number of Tabs in the browser session and that’s how I learned about him. A humble extension when you first look but lots of great ideas if you engage with Felipe in discussions about the many aspects of having multipleTabs in the browser session.

Today, June 29th 2009, is Feijao’s first day at his internship with Mozilla in Mountain View. This has been a long long run for feijao, in open-source years. What makes me really impressed about this bean contributor is not exactly the fact he won an Addon contest for Firefox 3, and his cool contributions to Fennec, but the fact he did this as part of his education track and managed a good balance to keep up with the tests and the schedule at ICMC USP as part of his Computer Engineering course in Brazil. I understand how difficult can be for some students to face an open world of creativity and no limits of collaboration out there and yet having to complete all the traditional tests. I am also happy that some university locations more and more are using open ecosystems – see the Mozilla Education example – as a means for them to accomplish more openness in the curriculum schedule.

Congratulations Felipe, you are great inspiration to Mozilla community and the community of students that are using open ecosystems as part of their track of leanings. You are also great inspiration in the many brainstormings we do at CWSC and Taboca.

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First things first – family first. Every day I learn more about the importance of the family. 

I have increased interaction with friends and family using an online ecosystem. I help them to get access to the Web so they can evolve and help others too – like a chain I am hoping. One example is my mother’s Portuguese Learning web site. She GITs content to her public github repository, then my system takes from there and publishes to a Web site.

2.5 – 3 

I have recently published PinkPaula 3.0 for Firefox 3+. Some people wonder why a MoXULla dude would suddenly code a pink-colored theme out of the blue. Well it turns out that about 2.5  years ago *Paula* ( today my girl friend ) told me she wanted to have a Firefox in Pink. Since I had some okay experience in Wizards for FF chrome projects back from Netscape 6 days, I took her project desire. Today ❤ paula ❤ does QA for the PinkTheme.com projects. 

2009 will be 4 years since I moved to Brazil. I am now working from CWSC ( the 1st CoWorking office installed in Brazil .) Sao Carlos has 2 major ( and government sponsored ) universities and produces good C.S. students plus has good weather. Brazil is so wide so I consider myself lucky to live in a location with a geek crowd and yet be near my family’s place. Last year I left the Mozilla consulting model to become a full-time Mozilla-based development company. Right now 75% of my time is towards Firefox extensions. I  search sustainability in 2009. 

I sometimes play the piano keyboard as a relaxation and publish songs under CC. All my songs are sort of the same my brother says. Some others say I play sad songs, but I hope they are not.


Mechanical Turk way of living – I found Amazon Mechanical Turk API a few years ago and every day I find interesting new things to do with that lovely social machine. I received contribution from mTurk workers in a range of different projects by now. Once I was presenting XUL and the slide player had its theme changing colors due to a mTurk connected task. I have used mTurk to add annotation to lots of images, to review products and services, and even to generate *positive energy* paying 0.01 U$ cent per message.  Sometimes I also create good tasks to mTurk workers so they feel good about life. Things like ” look at this flower.”  


I took 7 years to complete the C.S. bachelors degree at ICMC/USP. The original course was 5 years, but in 1997 I got stuck working on DHTML demos for Netscape. When I completed the course I moved to the bay area. 

I hereby Tag: 

* Doug Turner
* Gloria my Mother – she helps a lot Moz since when she translated N 7.2 pt-BR
* Andrea Balle
* Susie Wyshak 
* Bob Clary 
* Jefferson Hultmann – ptBR localizer for Firefox

This next Thursday in São Carlos ( pt-BR ) we will have the first Brazilian discussion related to 2010 Goals project. I am supporting design discussions, in coordination with many other local and some remote contributors, and wanted this to serve the main goals purpose but also to serve as a case to support others implementing their discussions in BR. We will also try to record a video ( not sure full or part of it ) and push the case online.  I find this event a good start for the discussions in BR since we received support from members of the two major universities in the Sao Carlos area, UFSCar and USP. This event should take place in the auditorium at ICMC / USP. Thanks for local city contributors for their support Felipe Gomes, Filipe Grillo ( AMO pt-BR ), Wellington Macedo , and Clauber ( Moz BR ). Also great thanks to professor Dilvan Moreira at USP for helping us with communication and organization. If you participated or coordinated a discussion related to 2010 Goals and has tips on the good practices please let me know.

Sao Carlos FF 3 Celebration Launch PartyGreetings from Brazil. As I recover from the Moz celebration party in Sao Carlos I wanted to blog with a picts and a headsup on cool things from yesterday. The organization was a community effort and more than 130 attended with good crowds and contributors from the major local universities USP and UFSCar. Somehow the pub now wants to use the Firefox t-shirt as their official pub t-shirt!

And here is a special album with key Mozilla contributors from São Carlos: Felipe Gomes, Filipe Grillo ( AMO pt-BR ), Wellington which got a Moz “SoC” project with Frank Hecker, and Bugzilla contributor folks from Async.

Wanted to say big thanks to all our community members in Brazil that are helping us with the various projects in Brazil. I am glad we were able keep cranking with BR projects and at the same time provide great contribution to the Mozilla Workshop and other FISL activities while in Porto Alegre. There is now a  wiki page for follow ups ( in portuguese ) related to the event, where you can get access to recently published videos, pictures of the community events, and more. The event driven model certainly works nice in Brazil, I feel great engagement in follow ups in the past three weeks. I am also glad we met Fernando Silveira ( from Porto Alegre ) currently active in various L10n projects including SUMO, product pages, and the upcoming Firefox 3 ready web site in pt-BR. Additional thanks to Moz BR contributor Mario Rinaldi for the video project support, Clauber for his energy to give us a talk on reasons why Firefox is loved by developers, Felipe Gomes for his two presentations on XULrunner+SQLite and Addons/FUEL. Make sure to check out the great video I was able to go on record with Andrea – her testimonial to Firebug and authors.

This BR community projects blog has moved to the address used here ( https://mgallibr.wordpress.com ) and the previous mozbrasil.mgalli.com is now in portuguese. Just enjoy!