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First things first – family first. Every day I learn more about the importance of the family. 

I have increased interaction with friends and family using an online ecosystem. I help them to get access to the Web so they can evolve and help others too – like a chain I am hoping. One example is my mother’s Portuguese Learning web site. She GITs content to her public github repository, then my system takes from there and publishes to a Web site.

2.5 – 3 

I have recently published PinkPaula 3.0 for Firefox 3+. Some people wonder why a MoXULla dude would suddenly code a pink-colored theme out of the blue. Well it turns out that about 2.5  years ago *Paula* ( today my girl friend ) told me she wanted to have a Firefox in Pink. Since I had some okay experience in Wizards for FF chrome projects back from Netscape 6 days, I took her project desire. Today ❤ paula ❤ does QA for the PinkTheme.com projects. 

2009 will be 4 years since I moved to Brazil. I am now working from CWSC ( the 1st CoWorking office installed in Brazil .) Sao Carlos has 2 major ( and government sponsored ) universities and produces good C.S. students plus has good weather. Brazil is so wide so I consider myself lucky to live in a location with a geek crowd and yet be near my family’s place. Last year I left the Mozilla consulting model to become a full-time Mozilla-based development company. Right now 75% of my time is towards Firefox extensions. I  search sustainability in 2009. 

I sometimes play the piano keyboard as a relaxation and publish songs under CC. All my songs are sort of the same my brother says. Some others say I play sad songs, but I hope they are not.


Mechanical Turk way of living – I found Amazon Mechanical Turk API a few years ago and every day I find interesting new things to do with that lovely social machine. I received contribution from mTurk workers in a range of different projects by now. Once I was presenting XUL and the slide player had its theme changing colors due to a mTurk connected task. I have used mTurk to add annotation to lots of images, to review products and services, and even to generate *positive energy* paying 0.01 U$ cent per message.  Sometimes I also create good tasks to mTurk workers so they feel good about life. Things like ” look at this flower.”  


I took 7 years to complete the C.S. bachelors degree at ICMC/USP. The original course was 5 years, but in 1997 I got stuck working on DHTML demos for Netscape. When I completed the course I moved to the bay area. 

I hereby Tag: 

* Doug Turner
* Gloria my Mother – she helps a lot Moz since when she translated N 7.2 pt-BR
* Andrea Balle
* Susie Wyshak 
* Bob Clary 
* Jefferson Hultmann – ptBR localizer for Firefox


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